March Madness by the numbers

1. According a report on BusinessWeek (March 26, 2007, p16), more than 100 million Americans, including the estimated 23 million hoop fans with internet access at work, are expected to follow this year's NCAA men's basketball tournament. Employer will lost estimated $1.2 billion dollars due to the reduction in worker's productivity, and 6% companies plan to take steps to prevent workers from going to tournament web sites; 67% worker has joined office pool last year (2006), of whom 57% bet on this so called March Madness.

we are having a office pool again this year in my workplace, just like what we have done in past 12 years.

2. Found an old number (New York Times, March 20, 2003, p. D1) on this site. Not sure what this number would be in 2007.

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sheila said...

Huh. Thats a lot of lost money lost.