Spring break

I will take my children away for the spring break vacation. Will be back on April 4th. No post in between.


narendra said...

We've been enjoying your blog. We will wait, dear numeric life, with our noses pressed to the picture window eagerly awaiting your return. Have a good spring break.

Peter Sage, Medford OR said...

5. The numeric order of your blog on my favorites list, after my mail login, slate, yahoo mail, and huffington post.

4. Number of people I told the story about the 6th graders. (wife, secretary, and two people I send jokes to) All thought it was cute.

3. Number of times I log ont the computer at home per day (first thing in the morning with coffee; when I get home from work in the afternoon; before bedtime)

2. Hours a day I spend on the computer at home, weekdays, which strikes me as way too much. I should be reading real books more. A lot of this noodling around, reading cool blogs like this, is just interactive tv, another big time waster.

1. Rank of this blog as my favorite non commercial blog site. It beats out some blogs that dealt with failed love affairs because it is uniformly about engagement with the world, rather than about self reference. (I am tired of all these self-referencial blogs--even though, of course, that is exactly what I am doing here.)