Young and in Debt

According to an USA Today article -
" This generation of twentysomethings is straining under the weight of college loans and other debt, a crushing load that separates it from every previous generation".
"A poll of twentysomethings by USA TODAY and the National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE) found 60% feel they're facing tougher financial pressures young people did in previous generations. And 30% say they worry frequently about their debt".


Zahra said...

Hi. Your blog is unique and awesome. I shall visit it constantly. Good luck

Karen Lee said...

I bookmarked this blog as I, too, love NUMB3RS. Especially financial numbers. The average twenty-something getting out of college has over $37,000 in debt. What happened to the $1000 clunker car, and struggling your way through college?