Feet and shoes are biggest turn-ons

According to a study recently published in the International Journal of Impotence Research, feet and the objects associated with them are the most common fetishes.
Among sexual preferences for body parts, feet and toes were the most popular, with 47% of those sampled preferring them. They also found when it came to objects associated with the body, shoes, boots and other footwear scored total of 64%. Of people with fetishes, 33% preferred a specific body part, and 30% liked objects or features often associated with a body part. The researchers looked at 381 online discussion groups and targeted at least 5000 users to get their large sample of fetishists. While the well-known foot fetish was indeed the most common, the researchers uncovered tons of users with more obscure interests such as hearing aids (150 people), coats (9% percent of the body-related-object category), and navels (3% of the body part category). So if you have a fetish you think is totally bizarre, you're probably right. But science indicates there are plenty of people just as wacky.
"In everyday usage, fetish refers to sexually arousing stimuli that would not meet psychiatric criteria for a diagnosis of fetishism. In many cases, they may simply enhance sexual interest or satisfaction rather than being necessary for it," say the researchers.
I recall Madonna once claimed "shoes are better than sex because they last longer". She didn't pick shoes for no reason.


Professor Howdy said...

Very good posting.
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Jen said...

I know a few of those people with foot/shoe fetishes.

Sicilian said...

Life. . . . I laughed at this because at one time on my Yahoo IM I had a picture of my feet. I had posted it on my blog and thought it would keep the men who just hit on you from doing that. It had the exact opposite reaction. Everytime I logged into yahoo I was getting men I did not know hitting on me. It came from all ages.
I took my feet off and posted one of Yahoos canned pics. Solved the problem.

Chris said...

you have a pretty foot

christina said...

Any clean freak fetishes out there? This may sound crazy, but I just learned from the company I work for that nearly one in three women get more satisfaction from cleaning out their closets than from sex. You can check it out for yourself at www.messaroundwithjay.com.

lujie said...

the foot and the shoe are very nice.

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