Spirituality influences health

We all know physical and emotional health are connected. A new survey, published in the April 9 issue of the Archives of Internal Medicine, found the majority of American doctors think that religion and spirituality play an important role in influencing patients' health.
The majority of U.S. doctors -- 56% -- believes religion and spirituality had a significant influence on health. A minority of doctors -- 7% -- believes that religion and spirituality can have a negative influence: sometimes, these beliefs can lead patients to refuse or not go along with medically recommended therapies.
Most doctors don't believe that religion has an influence on hard medical outcomes -- like heart attacks, infections, etcetera. The influence mostly helps patients cope with illness and gives them a positive state of mind.


sudir said...

Instead of "Spirituality influences health" shouldn't you have titled it "Doctors think spirituality influences health" ?

khengsiong said...

If a religion teaches its followers to be angry and to hate non-believers, it's going to have negative influence on health.