Bullying has became an epidemic in school

A study says bullying and victimization were pretty widespread in US schools. Researcher sent questionnaire to school that asked kids whether various things had been done to them, such as if "other students make me cry", "other students look at me in a mean way", "other students tease me", "other students ignore me on purpose". After analysing all the responses, researchers have found 89.5% of children experienced some form of victimization and 59.0% of students participated in some form of bullying.
My take on this? it has always been like this in schools from what I can remember, it just to a lesser degree, and nobody studied it before. Watching Simpsons by students in last few years only make it worse.


Jen said...

It's sad though, don't you think? That it's always been like this. I wonder what is it that we are not doing to prevent this.

narendra shenoy said...

Here's a disturbing violence statistic someone sent me a while ago.

Julie Bindel
Thursday November 24, 2005
The Guardian

Violence against women is the cause of more deaths and disability around the world in 15- to 44-year-olds than cancer, malaria, traffic accidents or war. But, after 35 years of feminist campaigning against crimes such as rape and domestic violence, how much do we as a society know or care about it? While drink-driving and smoking are tackled head-on by the government using a combination of legislation and public education, sexual violence has been largely left to badly resourced women's organisations. While there have been some good examples of government intervention, such as setting up domestic violence courts and the introduction of the new Sex Offences Act, it is nowhere near enough.

Anonymous said...

Columbine and VTech are not a mystery.