Versatility just part of managers' job

We know beside managing projects and staff members, most office managers perform many different jobs - customer relations, human resources, accounting and computer support, etc.
Early in 2007, when Staples (a US company) web site asking office manager's input for their job descriptions, 8,000 managers responded. 75% of them consider themselves workplace housekeeping supervisors; and 71% of them lend an ear as office psychologist.
Some side jobs performed by office managers are "breaking up an office romance, cleaning pigeon poop off the sidewalk, unclogging the toilet while on the phone and signing for a delivery..."
I have never been a manager, and no plan to be one in the near future.
Source: Chicago Tribune (April, 30, 2007)

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Jim said...

Hah! As a professional "cat herder" (software product manager) I easily spend at least a third of my time being the office psychologist, arbitrating among the "difficult children," most of whom are older than me.

Also, I have had to deal with a clogged toilet, a recalcitrant automatic coffee maker, and various office productivity software problems in accounting. I have never had to scoop chicken poop, however. None of this on my official job description, however.