Who vote?

In general, people don't not vote because they don't believe their vote would make difference for their jobs and lifes. Based on latest 3 US presidential elections data, an recent survey revealed some interesting correlations between people's professions and their voting habits. In this survey, 85% of lawyers did vote, while only 35% of laborers did. The voter turnout amongest teachers and farmers were 200% higher than that of physicians (they were too busy). This survey also found that individuals with an advanced academic degree were 800% more likely to vote compared with those without a high-school degree.


Jim said...

Given the proliferation of absentee voting and the free (and unbiased) voter brochures, I really don't understand why more professionals aren't voting.

Slightly off topic, but related, are the non-presidential votes. For example, last year I clued into the pattern that all of the school bond issues were presented during off years. After calculating the turnout required, it's easy to see why. Apparently -- and I haven't checked into this yet -- the restrictions have been watered down so an even smaller percentage of eligible voters is required to pass a levy.

Anonymous said...

This is interesting! just makes ppl wonder.

"they fell their vote"--1st line

Numeric Life said...

Thanks, Wong. I made the change.

Mike said...

Speaking of voting, who are you going to vote for in the next rpesidential election? Go to http://www.ontheissues.org/default.htm and take the quiz to see which candidate is closest to you on your issues.

Dagger Deeds said...

Really interesting. And we were just done with the senatorial elections in my country. The canvassing of votes, however, is not yet finished.

Politics. Oh, well.