Few comply with abstinence and monogamy

Data from a new U.S. government sex survey (of adults aged 20 to 59):
People who are virgins: 4%.
People who were still virgins on their 21st birthday: 15%.
women who have had only one (or none) sex partner : 25%.
men who have had only one (or none) sex partner : 17%.
Women's median number of sex partners: 3.7.
Men's median number of sex partners: 6.8.
I don't know what to say on these numbers. May be abstinence and monogamy aren't complying with human nature ?


khengsiong said...

I haven't got time to read the survey details yet.

"women/men who have had only one (or none) sex partner:"
Do these refer to:
- past one year?
- in the lifetime?

BTW, I heard this from somewhere:
Teenage boys with high self-esteem are more likely to be sexually active. For teenage girls, it is just the opposite.

Bilbo said...

I believe you are correct that "abstinence and monogamy aren't complying with human nature," but only up to a point. I think nature programs us to select a single mate to facilitate the raising of children. The problem is that sex is generally pretty enjoyable, and one or the other partner isn't always receptive...which can tempt one to stray. Desmond Morris's book "The Naked Ape" has some interesting observations on this topic.

Chuck said...

This has certainly changed over the past generation. Even though I grew up just past the "free love" era...there was still a sense that it was somewhat important to marry as a virgin, which I did.

I like that quote, khengsiong. I don't know if it's accurate anymore, though. I think it used to be (since girls largely function in the "gatekeeper" role).

But my kids have informed me that girls are just about as likely to initiate as guys to initiate uncommitted sex in this current generation. And I must say, that seems pretty accurate from my observations as well.

I find it sad, but it seems to be true.