Russians drink non-beverage alcohols to death

Russian men are notorious for their heavy drinking habit. Economic hardship in recent years (following the dissolution of the Soviet Union) has contributed to problem drinking in Russia. According to 2005 figures, alcohol is linked to 72% of murders and 42% of suicides in Russia.
To make things worse, a recent study published on Lancet found that many Russian men who fall on hard times start drinking non-beverage alcohols (cologne, cleaning agents, etc.) because they are cheaper and have a high alcohol content. High-alcohol concentration make those non-beverage alcohols very dangerous since they can strip the airways that deliver oxygen to the lungs.
This study revealed a shocking 43% of deaths in Russian men, aged 25-54, result from drinking non-beverage alcohols. The findings help explain why Russian men have the lowest life expectancy among industrialized nations, at just 59 years.

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