Size matters to men ! ! !

After examining 50 international research projects carried out since 1942, a recent paper published in the British Journal of Urology firmly conclude that anxiety over penis size is a normal part of the male experience, while women care far more about a man's personality and physical attractiveness. They found that in a survey of over 50,000 heterosexual men and women, 85% of the ladies said they were satisfied with their man's size, but only 55% of the men were content with themselves. Men who were of normal size were far more likely to experience "small penis syndrome" - excessive concern and anxiety about penis size - than men with a micropenis.

The researchers also tackled the ever-important "what's average?" question, and found that in the 12 studies that measured the penises of 11,531 men, the average length of an erect penis ranged from 5.5 to 6.2 inches in length and 4.7 to 5.1 inches in girth. And despite many interesting stereotypes, the researchers found no solid evidence of size difference between races...although a recent survey found that 60% of Indian men have penises which are between 3 and 5 centimetres shorter than international average. The researchers suggest that normalizing the situation and providing accurate information could help them calm their anxiety.


Bilbo said...

I wouldn't touch my next line with a ten-foot pole...so to speak! Interesting post. For what it's worth, I've never been overly concerned about this...and much less so now that I'm pushing 60. Sigh. Best wishes, Bilbo.

Anonymous said...

This is very funny. I don't feel too bad now beign a girl - apparently women worry about their boob size, so why shouldn't men worry about their penis.