Tattoo regret and removal

According to an interesting New York Time report, there are currently about 45 million Americans tattooed; however 17% of them regret it later, as life changes. Here are some reasons for the tattoo removal: 1) get my ex-fiance's name off my body. 2) I don't want my tattoos to show around my strapless wedding gown. 3) I need to start looking employable and marriageable. 4) I want to replace my old tattoos with new ones.


khengsiong said...

Hehe... I know 'get my ex's name off' is the most prevalent reason. People are so naive to think that their relationship with their lovers/spouses will last till the end of the world.

Numeric Life,
You should consider offering temporary tattoo service.

Numeric Life said...

Hi Khengsiong,

I can't do it. I can't see other people suffering.

Jen said...

I haven't gotten one because of the pain!!! I went with my friend to get one on her, and I was the one crying every time the needle went it. I'll pass, thank you!

Anonymous said...

I have 2 tats and workin on my third. i thoguht about the placement and the disegn very long and hard before i did mine. i love them both. they represtnt family members that are no longer with me. and the next will reprent my best friend... tattoos aren't something to get into lightly. to do it smart you have to plot and plan. then you wont regret them

Bilbo said...

I personally think tattoos are rather silly...they very seldom enhance the beauty of a lady, and someday she'll be an 80-year old grandmother with ugly, faded tattoos. Ugh. Jimmy Buffett has a good song about tattoos (and other things) called "Permanent Reminder of a Temporary Feeling." Check it out. Bilbo.