Most unpopular vice president in recent history

Polls by The New York Times and CBS News show Dick Cheney has had a recent drop in his approval ratings that making him the most unpopular vice president in recent history:
Cheney is now viewed disapprovingly by 59% of Americans, four points less thanQuayle's high of 63% in July 1992. Meanwhile, Cheney's personal favorability is an astounding 13% - an all-time low.


John said...

I think that he's doing surpisingly well for a guy that shoots his friends!

Sicilian said...

Poor Poor Dick. . . . I think he'll just have to retire and move to Bahrain with the Haliburton team. . . . bet they'd like him more over there.

Anonymous said...

Who can trust and like a Vice President who looks like Scrooge? Then again, old Dick makes Scrooge look like a humanitarian.