Employer discrimination against women with children

There is a long history of records showing employer discrimination against mothers (but not fathers) when hiring and promote people - the so called 'motherhood penalty'. Mothers were often rated as less competent, less suitable for hire, and deserving of lower salaries.

In a latest study in this subject, researcher of Cornell University performed both a laboratory experiment and an audit of real employers. Their results showed significant and substantial penalties for motherhood among both white and African-American women, among them:

  1. Childless women are 2-time more likely to be hired than equally qualified mothers.
  2. The recommended starting salary for mothers was $11,000 less than that offered nonmothers.
  3. Mothers were rated as less promotable and less committed.
  4. Fathers were offered the highest starting salaries.

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Mike said...

I didn't read the whole article. But when I got to the chart and saw the salaries they were talking about, I'm ready to start another family. With a new wife and mother making more than I could ever dream of making. She can go to work, I'll stay home with the kids.