Few kids walk or bike to school

According to a recent study, "in 1969, about 90% of kids in US who lived within a mile of school walked or rode bikes to get there. In 2004, just 48% did that at least one day a week. ....the numbers have dropped as the population has grown while the number of schools has declined and the distance to get to them has grown for many families". But still.
Above could be one of the factor for the high rates of childhood obesity in recent years.
My son, a 6th grader, always take school bus to school, although we live within a mile of school. My husband and me have 2 cars, both work, we believe it’s safer and more expedient (especially in the morning) that way, and we have been trying hard to encourage him doing other physical activities after school. But I rather to have him walk to the school.


Bilbo said...

When I was in elementary school, I rode the bus...but had to walk about a half-mile to the bus stop. I walked about the same distance to my high school. Of course, things are a bit more dangerous nowadays than they were in the 50's and 60's when I was in school, which is a sad thing. It also helps account for those supersized Americans who were the subject of yesterday's discussion.

Sandy said...

yeah its a great concern.

John said...

I'm sure that safety is a big factor in walking for many. Time and busy schedules, dual income families, daycare programs that transport to schools, etc., surely account for much of the decline as well.