Lucky number 7

From grooms to gambles, people here in US believe the number 7 has mystical significance. Nowhere is that more apparent than in the mecca of Superstition - the Las Vega Strip. According to this week's Barron's Magazine, July 7 (last Saturday, or the one-in-a-century 07/07/07, the game usage was up 47% when compared with July 7 of last year (which was Friday), up 28% if compared with July 8 of last year (which was also a Saturday). Those number indicate significant increase in gaming activity. I read somewhere that marriages in US was up by 30% on the July 7 weekend over a similar Saturday last year.
.What can I say? People are meaning machines. We look for hints about what the future will hold and add meaning, often where there is none.


Sandy said...

Lol here in india too people have superstition about numbers and most rampant among them is number 13.
Number 13 is considered as very unlucky number here.
I m surprised to hear that a developed nation like US too has superstitions.

Sandys Fantasy

John said...

Nice new look!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

We all have our superstitions and are scared to do certain things.

Bilbo said...

I always thought my "lucky" numbers were 7 and 3. Unfortunately, during our vacation in Las Vegas a few years ago, they didn't win us anything. In fact, just about nothing we did won us anything. We should have just stuck to seeing the shows! Nice new look to your blog, BTW.