The feminity of poverty

Heard from NPR radio today: although women count for 51% of US population, 60% of people under the poverty line are women. 1/3 of households headed by women are under the poverty line. The main reason of this femininity of poverty ? women paid the major portion of ever increasing childcare cost.


John said...

Men ought to be ashamed of themselves!

Wildcat0695 said...

It just proves how much our foundation, the family unit, has been neglected and splintered.

Some men will not be men and some women will not let men be men.

Bilbo said...

I agree with both John and Wildcat. We have a terrible problem with men enjoying the sex but ignoring the end result...leaving many women to raise children and earn a living on their own. Being a real man means taking responsibility for your actions, not just thumping your chest and carving notches into the bedpost.