Women have shopping genes

According to a new online survey of over 3,000 women, ages 18-49, by AMP Agency, how a woman approaches shopping does not change as she grows older, shifts from life stage to life stage, moves from region to region, has children, or moves income brackets. A woman's approach to shopping is very much part of who she is: "it is part of her DNA.", or personalities.

The report states that there are distinct approaches to shopping, and identified and segmented women across four distinct mind-sets or "Shopping Genes" :
1. Content Responsible (practical, loyal, efficient, neither a trendsetter nor trend spreader) - consists 20% of women surveyed.
2. Natural Hybrid (confident, balanced, classic, a cross between a social and trend-following butterfly and a grounded domestic diva) - 34%.
3. Social Catalyst (social, smart, trendy, the top of the influencer spectrum and the strongest brand advocates) - 35%.
4. Cultural Artist (creative, impulsive, adventurous, always shopping and willing to try new and different things ) - 11%.
Speaking of me, definitely the Content Responsible type.


John said...

I'm sure that my wife and daughter are shopping in their jeans--I mean have shopping in their genes. As for men...if they need it, they go to where they have it and buy it. If they want it(not time critical), they shop online and wait at home for the UPS man to show up with it!

Odile S said...

Í don't recognize myself in one of the cathegories. I often want to buy something that doesn't exist.

Mike said...

I think women will shop in any kind of clothes, not just jeans. It's true, I've seen it happen!