What are your life's regrets ?

Here is an interesting survey of 1,250 men and women in UK. When asked what are some big regrets in life, 22% married women said that if they could go back in time they would change their husband, while only 12% of married men admitted picking the wrong wife.

30% of people told researchers they would like to have chosen a different career, while over 37% wished they had saved more money. The biggest regrets are about travel, with 53% wishing they had done more globetrotting before settling down.
What are your life's big regrets ?


Mike said...

I read the survey. Then I read the comments. It's a wonder the statistics aren't way higher for spousal regret.

Jen said...

I think I would have chosen a different career... I guess I still can... if I only knew which one I really want!

Bilbo said...

I think I only have one real regret: the separation from my sons for many years as a result of my divorce from my first wife. I'm always amazed that, in spite of how long we were apart, each of them is very much like me in some respects...it's as if each of them represents half of my personality and my quirks. I wonder how things might be different had we all grown together.

Stephanie said...

It's funny that travel is such a big regret, when it's an easy one to remedy if you really want to. Much easier to hop on a plane than get a divorce.