Few workers connect to the company emotionally

According to a new survey, only 21% of workers worldwide are "engaged" (HR term for 'ready to expend some extra effort at work'), while 38% are either disenchanted or disengaged. Among all nations, Japan has the lowest portion of engaged workers, only 3%, and 72% are disenchanted or disengaged (this got has something to do with the Japan's life-time employment). Below the full list of engagement levels by country:


John said...

These are very interesting numbers. I'd more interested in whether the trends are rising or falling in each category. My employer, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), finished dead last among US Government Agencies according to the government's employee attitude survey.

Our last couple of visits to Mexico would indeed concur that employees were engaged in their work as well as motivated and friendly.

Sicilian said...

Life . . . . Isn't it interesting that Mexico has such an engaged population.
I am wondering if it is cultural or just the fact that having a job in their own country is something they are thankful.

Bilbo said...

This is a very interesting statistic. I have to say that it's been a long time since I've felt "engaged" at work, even though I like my job and am relatively well-paid and respected at it. I believe the concept of "engagement" is partly based on the employee's direct job satisfaction and partly on the employee's perception of the company's "engagement" with him or her - how much does the company care about me? It's been a long time since I've felt really "valued" by an employer, in the sense of something more than the routine cost-of-living raise or the occasional "spot bonus" (which really does amount to a "spot" once all the taxes and other deductions are taken out!). But I guess I shouldn't complain...after all, I'm working and a lot of other people aren't.