The older we get, the happier we become

A report (LA Time) conclude that the older people get, the happier people become. This is mainly because older people are free from many responsibilities (or 'burden') young people take, and know how to take life in a easier way. In a study published in September in Psychological Science, older adults were about 30% less reactive to the negative images compared with the younger adults. More from this report:

"only in the last decade have researchers begun to measure happiness across the life span and, in doing so, try to understand why older people tend to be so content.

The explanation doesn't appear to be biological - some chemical in the brain that mellows us just when all those plump neurons needed for thinking and memory are shriveling up. Rather, most scientists now think that experience and the mere passage of time gradually motivate people to approach life differently. The blazing-to-freezing range of emotions experienced by the young blends into something more lukewarm by later life, numerous studies show. Older people are less likely to be caught up in their emotions and more likely to focus on the positive, ignoring the negative."


Bilbo said...

Finally, a reason to be happy about all this gray hair and thickening gut! I knew that if I waited long enough, there'd be an upside. Besides not dying, of course

John said...

I think that age has a way of making clear that many of the things we once thought of as important, aren't so meaningful in a few years. All a part of the "Don't sweat the small stuff" attitude.

Sicilian said...

Life . . . . . I think it really depends on the health of the older people.
Sometimes as I observe the many volunteers, who are in there 80s at my hospital. It appears that the volunteers who are the happiest are the ones that give back. They usually have positive outlooks on life, and they are healthy.

Jen said...

A great incentive to growing old!