Ovulating strippers make more money

In a revealing study, University of New Mexico researchers recruited 18 subjects (professional lap dancers working in gentlemen's clubs) to log their work shifts, earnings and menstrual cycles on a Web site for two months, or about 5,300 lap dances. The naked truth: participants scored $335 per five-hour shift while ovulating, compared with $260 per shift during the luteal phase after ovulation, and $185 while menstruating. Participants using contraceptive pills showed no estrous earnings peak.
The dancers' scientifically gyrating pelvises provided the first direct evidence for human estrus in contemporary human females.


Mike said...

This post is just begging for a comment. So John, Bilbo - lets get to it!

Bilbo said...

All I want to know is how I can get money from some university to conduct this type of important research. I'm shocked that the funding came from a university, as opposed to an earmark in the President's Budget...surely this topic is more important than bridges in Alaska or superhighways in West Virginia!

John said...

Thanks for the invite, Mike. Nature is amazing, isn't it? Other mammals recognize ovulating females by scent and compete for her attention. Whether human males realize how they know or not is somewhat irrelavant; the study would indicate that they know.