Women leaders Help Boost the Bottom Line

A recent study showing that Fortune 500 companies with the highest proportion of female directors are more profitable and efficient, on average, than those with the lowest: an 83% higher average return on equity, 73% higher return on sales, and 112% higher return on invested capital.
Note that these correlations do not necessarily mean senior women cause superior financial performance. Rather they points to the fact that a "gender balanced" environment is more conductive to better business performance.


Jen said...

Go women!

Sicilian said...

Life. . . what are the stats on women's salaries in the Fortune 500 companies. . . betting they are much lower than the men's salaries. BUT we already know that so why pay for a study.

Mike said...

Here's some numbers for you. Calender numbers. I found them following a link from one of John's posts.