Do you really work out ?

Experts recommend an hour of physical activity a day. For most Americans, that is a dream. We spent $4.9 billions on fitness equipment and $17.4 billion on fitness clubs in 2006, but according to the American Time Use Survey, 83% of us don't exercise at all on a given day. Workout is another one of those things we know we should do, but just don't do it (or do enough of it), reflecting the gap between hard-weired (body) apparatus and the logical reasoning.
Source: Time (Nov. 26, 2007)


Mike said...

Have I got a deal for you. Post your address here and within a few days a truck load of exercise equipment will show up at your house. I've been trying to get ri.... I mean I've been saving this equpiment for just the right person!!

brooklyn11 said...

Eating lot of junk foods leads to obesity.Proper diet and fitness workout
may help to get rid this problem.Workout also helps to circulate the blood throughout the body.

John said...

I have a Nordic Trac (used very rarely), a tread mill (used occasionally), an aerobic rider(about the same as the tread mill) and a multi-station Weider weight machine that I'm moving from the garage to the basement in hopes that it will get used. We also own several videos ans DVD's, some dumbbells, exercise bands, exercise ball and other various things that we've accumulated over the years.

It is always our intent that we are going to use these things when we buy them--and we usually do--for a while. Then we slowly slip back into the routine of low activity and go back to gaining weight and slowly killing ourselves.

Today I'm a part of your stats! Maybe tomorrow I'll be actively using some of that expensive equipment and becoming a better me.

Sicilian said...

My goal is 30 mins a day. . . sometimes I get it in . . . . sometimes not.

Read my blog. You've been tagged.


Stephanie said...

Physical activity isn't necessarily the same as working out. 83% not excercising seems like a high number, but does it only refer to people who don't use their exercise equipment? Taking the stairs, walking from the far side of a parking lot, having sex... those all count as physical activity.