Numbers of the day

1. Veterans are only 11% of the adult population in US, but they make up 25% homeless people, according to a report. The sad thing is that "young veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan are trickling into shelters and soup kitchens seeking services, treatment or help with finding a job".
2. do you agree on this? most people feel comfortable lying about their sex life. 70% of married people "hide sexual fantasies they secretly want fulfilled", and 53% admit they "fake orgasm, pretending to like a partner’s sexual skills".


John said...

A sad and discouraging stat on our veterans. Perhaps our military service should end with training for real world jobs instead of just ending.

Bilbo said...

#1 is absolutely shameful, if accurate. Our veterans deserve better, especially since they've volunteered to do the dirty work most Americans would rather avoid.

#2 is absolutely true, and not just for married people. While there's a little bit of a semantic difference between "lying about (one's) sex life" and "hid(ing) sexual fantasies they secretly want fulfilled," both are true. Most single people are guilty of the first, and most married people AND singles are guilty of the second. Don't ask me how I know.

Mike said...

#1 - I think a lot of people go into the service not knowing what they want out of life and thinking they'll find out. Some don't and never do.

#2 - Hey NL, you didn't say if you were on the 70% side or the 30% side. I hope your on the 30% side like I am. (How do I get a smiley face icon here?)(wait!) :)

Sicilian said...

Life. . . I live 14 miles from a huge military base. . . . I also live near a VA hospital. The problem as I experience it is that the guys coming out of the military for whatever reason . . . don't adjust well. There is very little available to help them move back into a normal life. The funding for the psych hospitals is being cut. . . the one in our area was nearly closed. . . our priorities seem a little lopsided when they get done serving our country. . .
Maybe you could locate some stats about the cost of the medical care for our upcoming war veterans. . . . it will be extremely costly. . . . and poor quality . . . hard to access. . . which is why so many end up on the streets.