Positive sides of relationship break-ups

We all know a relationship break-up can have huge impact on a person's life. A new research showing that impact could be very positive, especially if the relationship is of low quality.
Researchers surveyed 155 people (aged 18 to 32) who had experienced a relationship break-up in the last 11 weeks; for 1/4 of them, it was their partner who had chosen to initiate the break up. 58% of the sample reported high levels of positive emotions following the relationship break-up, such as feeling energised and hopeful, while 71% reported high levels of growth, agreeing with statements like "I have learned a lot about myself" (importantly, growth was not related to who had initiated the break-up). By contrast, just 31% reported high levels of negative emotions like feeling traumatised.
"The present results indicate that growth and positive emotions may be a larger part of the relationship dissolution experience than previously thought", the researchers said.

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leela_05 said...

well i found this statistic rather interesting
since most of us have gone through a break-up
and it is so true that we learn about ourselves