More married couples are sleeping apart

Housing data and anecdotes suggest more married couples are sleeping apart in US. Some builders say more than 25% of their projects have two master bedrooms; a construction survey predicts that in custom homes, the percentage will soon surpass 60% by 2015.
Below are some logical explanations:
1) spouses don't get along. 2) one still works at night. 3) one snores. 4) one's a night person. 5) one doesn't want sex. 6) it's more private, romantic and erotic. 7) today's couples need more space. 8) today's couples need more sleep.
In summary, life is simply more convenient that way.


John said...

From separate closets to separate bathrooms to separate bedrooms. What's next for marraiges? Separate houses?

Gina said...

Seperate houses ....what a great idea!!!!


Lila said...

Wow. Sam snores on occasion, but I can't think of much that's better than waking up next to him. Maybe those folks just need to get king-sized beds. I swear, married couples with king-sized beds would have a much different set of stats.

Anonymous said...

It's not only a matter of space but also time. Time to freshen up in the morning. Do I really want the object of my affection to see me looking like that, smelling like that, or vice versaxz

Anonymous said...

I think this thing has to do with mutual agreement if the two couples discuss thier needs together there would b no seperation at all. Full agreement can lead to have a one-soul formation, in which that s/he feels so comfortable that s/he think that s/he's alone. Separating beds can create 2 seprate lives as there r not like married at all.So i think they should sperate officially coz they dont match.

Ali said...

I sleep better without the snore-bot right beside my ear. Perhaps it's not romantic, but at least I get some sleep. ;)