Once a bad boy, always a bad boy ?

Teens who are very naughty tonight are likely to be very naughty years from now, according to a recent research. The study found that teens who start having sex significantly earlier than their peers also show higher rates of delinquency in later years.
The researchers examined data from 7,000 young people, comparing each one's age of sexual debut - first intercourse - to the average age for their school, which ranged from 11.25 years to 17.5 years. Those who had sex at least one year before the school average committed +20% more delinquent acts - such as vandalizing, stealing, or selling drugs - than their school average. Those who debuted later than average had - 50% lower delinquency rates.
Researchers said "we're not finding that sex itself leads to delinquency ... the link between early sex and delinquency probably has to do with the whole social context of the young adolescents' lives".


Younger Leo said...

An instructive research!

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Jen said...

I wonder what other things can be pined on early sex experiences, or any sexual experience for that matter.

Proma said...

wow - i used to be the oldest virgin in town - i must be a saint :-) he he

Cito Rodrigues said...


even down south of the equator