Higher risk suicide linked breast implants

Over a 19-year period, women who got cosmetic breast implants were 3 times as likely to commit suicide as women who didn't, according to a recent Swedish study. They were also 3 tmes as likely to die from alcohol or drug addiction. In this study, "There was no higher risk in the first 10 years afterward … but the risk was 4.5 times higher after 10 to 19 years and six times higher after 20 years."
To me, it looks like implants made some women happier for a while, but then the underlying disorder took over, driving suicide rate higher.


John said...

A very interesting statistic. It says a lot about self image and about artificially created self image. I wonder if there is a corresponding stat for men. Many might say that men are less concerned with appearance that women but I think that cosmetic surgery among men is on the rise.

Only a few minutes on any sports/mens channel will display ads for hair restoration, hair coloring, male enhancement, etc.

On a personal note, thanks for the link. I am honored.


Bilbo said...

I agree with John's comment. I find it a shame that many women think they have to augment their natural figure to attract men, or out of a want of acceptable self-image. I've written often enough about the idea of attractiveness in my blog. As for men's concern with appearance, yes, we are now awash in ads for hair dyes and restoration, "male enhancement" (great euphamism, that!), and so on. As for me, my hair is gray and my solar panel in the back is getting a little bigger each year, but I think those things are less important than being clean, well-dressed, and a pleasant companion. Bilbo.

Sicilian said...

I agree. . . the underlying issues finally win out. . . big boobs are highly over rated. . . would gladly share with anyone.