Height, longevity, and American inferiority

The U.S. is losing ground to other countries in height and longevity.
1) in 20 years, we've fallen from 11th to 42nd in longevity. We trail most European countries, Japan, Guam, and Jordan.
2) we used to be the world's tallest people but now rank 9th and 15th in male and female height, respectively. On average, we're two inches shorter than the Dutch.
There are several reasons for American's decline. Our infant mortality rate and child poverty are too high. Our adult health care is too spotty. We've gotten way too "fat and lazy."


Bilbo said...

Poor posture is also a problem...it's a shame to see how young people in particular tend to slouch all the time. Ballroom dancing helps to improve posture (and aerobic health), but unfortunately not that many young men are interested.

Amanda said...

Its my first time here and I like it! I love reading statistics like these.
Thanks to Bilbo for pointing me here.

Sicilian said...

LIfe. . . a better way to put it is. . . health care is non existent except in heavily populated areas. Drs, PAs, NPs, don't come into small towns to practice because unless you are on Medicare or Medicaid. . . . you probably don't have insurance. We all know that reimbursement from government insurances has decreased and continues to decrease. If you don't have access to health care. . . your life expectancy is got to decrease.

Numeric Life said...

Hi Amanda,
Glad you like my site.