How do we read ?

It has been long known that letters, words and sentences are all involved in humans reading process. A recent study have shown three reading processes - letter decoding, whole world recognition, and using sentence context, each make a unique, additive contribution to reading speed. The study found letter decoding account for 62% of reading speed; whole word recognition 16%; and sentence context 22%.
This study also found that among the faster readers, predicting words from sentence context made a bigger contribution to reading speed than among the slower readers.


Bilbo said...

With my creakingly old degree in Linguistics, I have always found teh acquisition of reading skills to be fascinating topic. I loved watching my children learn to read, and to see how they managed to merge sound, context, and the visual cues of the words. I'm enjoying it all over again as I watch my grandchildren develop their skills. On a new topic, you may be interested in this website, which identifies each of the paintings in the fabulous "500 years of Women in Western Art" video you posted a few days back: http://www.maysstuff.com/womenid.htm

Best wishes, Bilbo.

John said...

Here's an interesting way our brain works in reading:

This is one of the many tricks to speed reading. They teach you to look at the frsit & lsat letetr of a word and your brain will fill in the rest. Pretty cool.

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Numeric Life said...

Bilbo - thank you for the pointer. Other reader will like it too.

John - your message will be well taken by all readers.

Amanda said...

John, reading that paragraph was AMAZING!