Do parents love their children equally?

I suspect that many parents really do like some of their kids more than others. How couldn't they? Children are simply not the same. Even so, I would expect people to say that they feel the same about all of their kids. At least in our society, you're not supposed to play favorites.
However, according to the book No Two Alike (I finished reading it yesterday), many parents admitted to favoritism:
"In two separate studies, British and American parents of two small children were asked whether they felt more affection for one than the other. More than 50% admitted that they did. The overwhelming majority of these parents - 87% of the mothers and 85% of the fathers in the American study - said they favored the younger child".


Jen said...

being the baby rocks! ; )

Perpetuism said...

I was curios though, has this ever been done with Asian cultures?
(e.g. Indian, Chinese, Japanese, etc.)

I'm think that it could be different.

Of course, you can't really say for sure...but studies made on American and British people can't really be used to make a generalization for all parents.

And I was also wondering, when they say "American" does this refer to the Caucasian population, other, or a fair mix...?

John said...

I always tell Hannah that she is my favorite daughter in the whole world...and she really is.

I never tell Aaron that he's my favorite son...but he is.

They are such different people that it's impossible to love them the same way. Aaron is older and that has its status. But Hannah is the baby and Jen says that rocks!

I wouldn't ask Hannah to a baseball game and I wouldn't ask Aaron to go horseback riding. But I really don't think that I could pick a favorite child.