Pay Gap between men and women

Sicilian asked me what are the stats on women's salaries in the Fortune 500 companies (and she bet they are much lower than the men's salaries). See below for the pay gap between men and women; the good news is that the gap is shrinking.

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John said...

Wow! 5 stats (4 and a video) on a single day! A little statistical overload.

I haven't watched SNL in years--cute skit.

The primate extinction is disturbing yet should be expected as we destroy more and more of their habitat.

The poverty stats are also somewhat predictable as men with families should be more aggressive about taking care of them and so should compete for better paying jobs.

Good to see the pay gap narrowing. Too bad that social changes take such a long time. It seems to be an evolutionary process.

Thanks for all of the info.