Marriage is a strong deterrent to poverty

What do you think distinguishes the high and low poverty populations? There are some evidence that "the only statistical distinction between both the black and white populations is marriage. There is far less poverty in married-couple families, where presumably at least one of the spouses is employed. Fully 85% of black children living in poverty reside in a female-headed household".

According to earlier Census data, only 4.0% of married couples without children are in poverty. In contrast, the poverty rate for singles without children is 8.6%. One study found that married men earn 22% more than their unmarried counterpart.


Mike said...

Two things.
It looks like married people don't have children unless they think they can afford them.
And being a married guy gives you 'one up' on females or single males.

khengsiong said...

Well, the study may have confused cause and effect. Maybe poor people can't get married.